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This week I’ve been chewing on letters from two friends in difficult circumstances.  One is dealing with harsh criticism and rejection from friends he is trying to serve.  Another is dealing with harsh opposition from others outside of his work.

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Strange Love

This morning Renee and I prayed with a couple that are within 4 days of being evicted from their home with their 3 children.  The husband’s business is failing, and he has cancer.  He looked at me and said, “I’ve been praying and praying, and things just keep getting worse.  I’m t i r e d.” 

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The Snare

How do you pray for a child of God who is running away from Him?  Our hearts are breaking as we pray for Laticia, the young woman I told you about in in Fortaleza.   God saved her from her addiction to cocaine back in June.  She went through intensive discipleship and stayed clean for months.

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