This summer we have downshifted from an intense spring of travel but have been full on with ministry from here in Colorado Springs.  Next week, Renee and I will drive up to Telluride, Colorado for a week of rest and restoration in the midst of God’s spectacular creation… and preparing to welcome all of our children and grandchildren home from across the country and the globe for a reunion in early August. Please pray that He will lead us beside quiet waters and restore our souls.   (Psalm 23:2-3)
Prayer Update:  Remember praying for our missionary colleagues who’s six-year-old son suddenly died in March?  This week they’ve been here for debriefing and restoration.  We’ve enjoyed a blessed time with them. This is a brutally hard season for them, but yesterday I was with them when they literally drove a stake in the ground on a ridge above Glen Eyrie declaring that they refuse to shrink back from fully following Jesus.  Please continue to pray that God will restore their souls.