Here are a few ministry tools that I've created, or used over the years again and again.  I've tested and refined them. Others have found them to be helpful.  So I share them with you and encourage you to share them with others.


A Daily Examen

This ancient discipline is designed for busy people, and helps me to run with a cool engine.


The Simplicity of Saints

This is a beautiful old profile, which I aspire to be, as a follower of Christ.


I Forgive You. Will You Forgive Me?

Unresolved conflict is a plague on the people of God. Over the years I've returned to this again and again to help myself, and others, to resolve conflicts.


A Prayer of Surrender

When you are ready, sincerely praying this potent prayer will transform your life.


The Navigators Core, Calling, and Vision

This is what we Navigators call our Core: that which we return to again and again to remind ourselves who we are and what we aspire to be.


My Prayer With Scriptures

This is a spiritual warfare prayer that I’ve been praying for years. Praying through this is like getting a spiritual alignment for me.


Praying as a Spiritual Leader

Tool for powerful leadership prayer


Don’t Waste the Pain Study

A summary of David’s Don’t Waste the Pain message.

Toss Your Do-List Photo.jpg

Toss Your Do-List

An article David wrote for the Worldwide Newsletter in April 2018 on replacing your Do-List with Prayer

Hourglass Blue.jpg

Time Management in Life & Work

Biblical principles on managing your time

Video Resources

Interview with David Lyons with LDI