We Must Do Better

Why are fewer believers going out as cross-cultural missionaries?  That question marked a recent gathering of the leaders of major missions organizations.  Because of that trend, last fall our regional leaders agreed that we can and must do better at preparing, sending and sustaining such missionaries.  April 3-4 we are gathering to seek God regarding the next steps we will take together as a Navigators Worldwide Partnership.  Jesus said that we’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit is upon us, and we will be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.  Please pray that, flowing from our gathering, the lost and unreached will burn in our hearts as they did among the those first 12 personally sent by Jesus.  (Acts 1:8)
Prayer update:   Last week Renee and I flew out to be with the couple who lost their son.  We cried together, prayed together and shared our hearts deeply. I’m so impressed with how God is at work in them.  But they are stretched to the breaking point, so please continue to pray for them whenever you see a family with young children. 
Jim Downing Update:  Most of us would think nothing of taking 2 hours to watch a movie with a noble theme.  Rather than watching a movie, sometime this month you may want to watch the memorial service of Jim Downing, one of the original Navigators who recently died at 104.  It was so well done, and so inspiring that one local TV channel posted the whole thing on their website. It was like watching an intriguing documentary on a life well lived.  Here’s a link: http://jimdowning.net