Together Among The Lost


Why are the “laborers” not laboring? We Navigators are called to advance the Gospel into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.  But all too often those we’ve equipped as laborers are not continuing in that calling.  Why?  That question has perplexed Navigator leaders for decades.  Now we are tackling it with fresh resolve in every region of our Worldwide Partnership.  On April 4-7, two hundred of our US leaders will dive into this question together.  Please join the many who are praying that this will lead to significant synergy and a leap forward in fulfillment of Luke 10:2.
Prayer Update:  I am deeply encouraged with the outcomes of our two days focused on Global Missions Strategy.  We prayed together.  We cried together.  We really came together.  In the past I’ve walked away from many such gatherings frustrated that it seems to be so much talk and so little action.  We’ve often gotten bogged down with strong differing opinions.  This time we were stunned at how God gave us thoroughgoing oneness of heart and mind.  At one point 16 different strategies had been proposed, each with zeal.  But God suddenly gave us complete agreement about pursuing just 4, then just 2.  I’ve never seen harmony among opinionated leaders come so quickly and easily.  I feel like we are actually getting traction that will lead to real breakthroughs and progress.  Thank you for praying!