Focus, Alignment & Energy


I love the team of Navigator Middle Eastern leaders that launched into leadership of our work in that region a year ago.  Jesus launched such a group, and God changed the world through them.  Knowing that, He invested heavily in leading them into healthy relationships and fierce shared focus.  We’ll be with our MENA Regional Leadership team from April 12-19.  Please pray that God will give them supernatural focus, alignment and energy as they face the intense challenges of that region together.  (Hebrews 10:24-25!)
Prayer Update:  I am thrilled with what God did during the US Navigators Leadership Community Gathering.  I’ve never seen such leadership focus and resolve around the issue of helping laborers to labor.  We worked hard for 3 ½ days, but the energy in the room was greater at the end than at the beginning!  This will now flow into strategic leader initiatives over the next few years.  Thanks for praying.