Travail Sept 2018.jpg

It seems to me that God is doing something new among Navigator leaders, a call to praying with intensity that I’ve never seen among us.  “Travail is what prayer can feel and sound like when the intensity of our expression matches the vastness of our need.” (D. R. Thomas) Our team is giving ourselves to prayer like I’ve never seen.  Renee and I also participate in a Navigator Fire Team that is fasting and praying together monthly.  Perhaps you would feel called to join the US Navigators on September 19, to fast and pray for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit among us.  Pray with us that the Lord would teach us to travail in prayer.  (Luke 11:1)

 Prayer Update:  Thank you for praying for us during our Regional Director meetings.  Early in the week I felt discouraged over some criticism and opposition.  But the Lord enabled me to forgive and move on, and the Lord gave the group strong consensus that is enabling us to move forward together. 

MinistryDavid Lyons