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Tomorrow I will travel to the Middle East to invest in some young emerging Navigator leaders.  I am thrilled to have this privilege, but I am also deeply aware that it is God who equips such leaders.  I’m moved by 2 Timothy 3:16-17 that says that God breathed the Scriptures to equip men of God for every good work.  Please pray that God Himself will breathe on these emerging leaders and equip them for the work He is calling them to do. 

Prayer Update:  Thank you for praying with and for us during the US Navigators Day of Prayer on Wednesday.  I sensed God’s presence in fresh ways.  More importantly, I continued to hear how God is leading more and more Navigators to pray with greater intensity and zeal. 

Additional Prayer Updates:  Our fellow workers in the Middle East that experienced a slanderous public attack are still standing, and the attack appears to be fading into memory.  But I’m still praying Psalm 31:3-4 for them daily.  Also, the former imam who is one of our key leaders in the region is experiencing healing of his enlarged heart.  We are rejoicing over both!

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