Caucus June 15 2018.jpg

Once a year we bring our Regional Directors together to caucus about the progress of the work and issues that we are facing in the field, and to strengthen our collaboration.  Leadership is often lonely.  We treasure these times together.  Next week we’ll be engaging in new ways to deepen our partnering.  As in Acts 15, there will be much debate and discussion.  Please pray that, as in Acts 15, in the end we will genuinely feel and say, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.”  (Acts 15:28) 

Prayer update and request:  Thank you for praying for us during our IET meetings.   We continue to experience greater synergy than ever.  But I want to add two urgent needs here that came to my attention during those meetings:  1) One of our missionary families in the Middle East is experiencing an intense public attack from the enemy that could result in jail or expulsion from the country, not to mention bankruptcy.  2) Another of our leaders there, a former imam, has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.  He’s a very key leader, and his health was already fragile. Please bind both of these attacks in prayer, according to Matthew 18:18-20.