Foursome June 15 2018.jpg

Our International Executive Team (IET) is condensed to a foursome since Mike Shamy retired from our team.  The term foursome takes me back to my youth, golfing with my dad.  Each member of a golf foursome starts together, scatters to play, then gathers again at the beginning of each hole.  The IET feels like that as we scatter to the four corners of the earth, then come back together periodically to launch into our next assignments.  Please pray that as we come together in August we will “make [Christ’s] joy complete by being of the mind, maintaining the same love, united in purpose, intent on one purpose.”   (Philippians 2:2)

P.S. We are back from our 6-day family reunion at Mountain Vista Lodge in Silverthorne CO, but most are staying on in our home until August 14.  Imagine 10 grandchildren and their parents under one roof.  Introverts beware!   What a joy it is to see our children enjoying their friendships, and our grandchildren growing into theirs.  Thanks for praying for us.  Here are a few photos: Family Reunion Highlights.

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