The Bottom Lines

There is a sweeping movement of God in missions to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His kingdom through missional enterprises.  Navigators have launched over 300 such enterprises.  The advantages of this approach seem obvious, promising access and sustainability and holistic impact. 

The challenges are less obvious to casual observers, but very substantial.  We aim at a triple bottom line: make money, make disciples and make a difference in the society.  Any one of those is a huge challenge.  Those challenges can be overwhelming. 

Later this week I’ll be traveling with a Lebanese fellow worker to help facilitate fulfillment of this ambitious vision in two countries in the Middle East.  Please pray that God will fill us with wisdom from above, and that He will bless our fellow workers and their countries through their missional enterprises.  (Genesis 12:1-3)

Answered Prayer:   In Cambodia I found it deeply encouraging to look into the eyes and hearts of about 20 Navigator leaders from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe who will be among those who will lead our work into the future.  It was particularly encouraging to look at those 20 and see that 4 of them had been born Muslim, and 3 of them had been born Buddhist.  All over the world the Gospel is growing and bearing fruit!