I just returned to Cambodia for a week with another group of Navigators from around the world who are emerging international leaders.  While here, they will be learning things that will be vital for how they will serve into the future.  They will begin to work together on strategic leadership issues.  Most of all we are looking to God to knit them together in love, as they grow to become part of the next international leadership community to eventually replace us.  Please pray like the Apostle Paul prayed for his fellow workers in Colossae whom he had never met, that their hearts would be knit together in love.  (Colossians 2:2)
Prayer Request:   Please also continue to pray for Hudson and his team during this last week of their scouting trip in the Middle East.  They’ve gone places that few would even think of going. God’s hand on them is evident, and He has given them a deep love for Arab peoples.  Pray that God will continue to clarify His long-term assignment for them.