I am very proud of my wife, Renee.  After home schooling for 25 years, she’s launching a new career as a Certified Life Coach.  She’s already been receiving professional training and experience in this for a couple of years.  Now, in late September, she’s pursuing further professional certification with the International Coaching Federation.  This has been on her heart for years.  If there is a spiritual gift called coaching, she has it and loves it.  Please pray that God will greatly bless her in this new venture, and lead her to new clients who would most benefit from her coaching.  (1 Peter 4:10!)

Prayer Update:   I confess that during my session with the Japanese students I felt like I was slogging up hill.  I’m not sure how much of that was culture and language, how much was resistance in the unseen world, and how much was serving outside of my primary spiritual gifts.  But I believe that God was at work, even though I wasn’t feeling it.  Thanks for praying.

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