Third Generation


We Navigators are kind of obsessed with spiritual generations.  Sometimes you may hear us ask, “Has it reached the third generation yet?”  That is, have those we’ve discipled then discipled others who have then won others to Christ?  This week I get to spend a week helping equip the third and fourth generations of Arab Navigator leaders in one country in the Middle East.  They are already fruitful.  We’ll be focusing on the character qualities that Jesus and Paul cultivated in the leaders they were equipping.  Please pray for us as we entrust what we have learned to faithful Arab men and women, so that they will teach others also.  (2 Timothy 2:2)

Prayer Update:  I rarely have trouble going to sleep. But last night I lay awake in bed because I was so excited about all that I saw yesterday in visiting one of our missional enterprises here in the Middle East.  They are facing great challenges.  But everywhere I looked I saw signs of God’s blessing: new believers, new Gospel workers, miracles, courage, faith, humility, impact on their community, and even making a financial profit!