Years ago Renee and I noticed that all those shining Christians that we most admired had this in common: They had suffered.  They were broken vessels that allowed the light of Christ in them to shine out through the cracks.  Since then God’s been breaking us in too. 

Apparently the Asian leaders of our work in the Asia Pacific region have noticed the same pattern.  So they’ve asked me to come to Malaysia at the end of October to speak from the Book of Job to their national directors about brokenness.  Please pray that God will work deeply so that the Life of Jesus will become more and more visible through our brokenness.  (2 Corinthians 4:7-10)
Prayer update:   I am marveling at how God revealed Himself during my days with those 3rd and 4th generation Arab leaders last week. After my 5th message on the qualities of a leader they cancelled their plans for the evening and spent 2 hours crying out to God together.  Their courage, faith and love take my breath away.