What is a CIP?  We coined that term a few years ago when we were wrestling with different models of funding the leadership of movements of the Gospel.  A CIP is a “Conventional Income Person.”  A GIP is a “Gift Income Person.”   The Apostle Paul lived both ways at different points in his ministry, sometimes working with his hands to make tents, and sometimes being supported by gifts from friends like the Philippians. 
For the next week or so our team will be in Ghana together with our Africa Regional Team to learn from and to encourage our Ghanaian Navigator leaders.  Why Ghana?  Because there we have a movement of the Gospel that has flourished for years with almost no Gift Income People involved.  There is much to be learned there because of the challenges of sustaining indigenous movements of the Gospel, especially where it is not practical or wise to inject much outside money. 
This is just one of many challenges being faced by our African fellow workers.  Please pray that God will give our field leaders fresh insight into how to “do all things for the sake of the Gospel” like Paul explained in 1 Corinthians 9. 
Prayer Update:   I am deeply encouraged as I look back on this last week visiting 4 cities and witnessing at least 4 fledgling movements of the Gospel among Mus*lims.  It’s sobering to sit with believers who risk so much just for the privilege of fellowshipping with 1-2 others who are following Christ.  One rode trains and buses through the night just to have breakfast and lunch with us before riding home again to resume shepherding his three little flocks.  A new believer, 7 months old in Christ, eagerly slaked up everything we taught him about studying the Scriptures to feed himself.  You prayed and the souls of these disciples and their shepherds were strengthened.  Thank you!