A Missional Journey


Later this week I will travel with a dear Lebanese fellow worker into a Mus*lim country where I have never been.  We will come alongside some indigenous Mus*lim background believers who are launching and leading ministries there.  Some are suffering active persecution.  The Lord has put on my heart what he put on Paul’s heart in his 2nd and 3rd missionary journeys when we came alongside fledgling groups of believers to “see how they are” (Acts 15:36) and to “strengthen all the disciples” (Acts 18:23).  Please pray that God will use us to fan these fledgling movements into full flame.
Prayer Update:   I was very pleased with my time with Ward Ballard and his ISM Leadership Team.  Ward’s flights out here experienced multiple delays, cutting out hours of our time together.  When he finally arrived, he said that Satan must not like international student ministry!  That’s true.  Ward and his team will continue to need our prayers and encouragement. 

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