African Business Forum

More and more Africans are launching into missional enterprises.  Today I arrived in Nairobi to participate in an African Business Forum that our Africa Regional Team is convening.  We will be meeting at the Lukenya Getaway, which is itself a missional enterprise.  African missional enterprise leaders (75-100) will come together with the triple challenge of simultaneously making money, making disciples and making a difference in their cities around Africa.  Please pray that each will become a full-orbed blessing, as God promised to Abraham in Genesis 12:3.
Prayer Update:   Wow!  Just wow.  In Ghana, we saw the grace of God on the ministry of the Ghanaian Conventional Income People (CIP’s) who lead our work there.  They are lawyers and doctors and business professionals, who are also raising families, caring for their Navigator fellow workers, and making disciples.  All that could make one weary, but each of them are overflowing with joy and bearing much fruit right through the various seasons of life.  They said that they were deeply encouraged by our presence and help, but I think that we may be taking with us even more encouragement than we brought.