There is nothing like entrusting your life work into the hands of another generation. As I read 2 Timothy, I imagine the veteran Apostle Paul anticipating his martyrdom and laying his hand on the shoulder of young Timothy to say, Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure that has been entrusted to you.  
That expresses the heart of what my team will be doing in Cambodia, June 15-19. This is the first of several gatherings of younger leaders who we believe will become the next International Leadership Community of The Navigators.  This gathering comes from Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, Kenya, Canada, Mexico, Malawi, Chad, South Africa, Uruguay, and the US. It takes years to build such leaders.  One key element is that they begin to know and trust one another even though they come from many different countries.
Prayer request: Please pray that this next generation of leaders will bond together and embrace what is being entrusted to them.
Answered Prayer:  In the Philippines I was deeply moved by what I saw among Navigators who are making disciples among the poor around the region. We heard of a whole extended family that is now following Christ in Burma, a movement of the Gospel that began as a result of helping after the devastating floods there. We met local leaders of a movement of the Gospel that began through relief after the big typhoon hit Manila. We heard about prostitutes who are getting their life back and leading other prostitutes out of that life. And together we began to learn what it takes to lead a broken community toward restoration of life as God intended it to be.