The Smallest

In the past some Navigators have questioned whether you really can grow disciple-making movements of spiritual generations among the poor. More and more Navigators are embracing the fact that many of the foundational promises of our work are to be fulfilled among the poor.  Now, everywhere I go I hear Navigators expressing their resolve to wade out from our comfortable middle-class roots into unfamiliar territory to birth and nurture disciple-making movements among the poor.  June 10-13 I will be in the Philippines with a Community of Practice of 20 Filipino, Cambodian, Indonesian and Burmese Navigator fellow-workers who are focused on making disciples among the poor.  Please pray that through them, God will grow what He promised in Isaiah 60:21-62:3, “They are the sprout that I have planted, the work of My hands for the display of My splendor.  The least will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation.  I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.”
Prayer update:  Thank you for praying for our sister organizing in response to my “Pulling Together” message.  In the few days since I sent that I’ve seen two significant breakthroughs!
Pray request:  Please also pray for the Iris Fortaleza mission team where our daughter and son are serving.  The in the last 2 weeks 10 members of their team have come down with Dengue Fever.  Right now our daughter Nicole Lorelei is in the hospital, and our grandson Zadok has just come down with the fever.  It’s called Bone Break Fever because it is so painful.  It’s spread by mosquitoes, which seem to be breeding in the walled off abandoned lot next to their base.  Please pray for healing, and stopping of the spread of the disease.