Together we can reach farther than we can reach on our own. That is why we are bringing the future Arab and expat leaders of our work in the Middle East together for training, June 30 – July 3. We will focus on forming and leading the kinds of teams that are needed to continue to start and sustain movements of the Gospel in that region.
We love these noble workers and warriors. Two of their fellow workers have been martyred in just the last few months.  Please pray that God will forge these Arabs and expats into a band of brothers and sisters like those whom Paul described in Romans 16 as his beloved fellow workers.  
Prayer updates: The gathering in Cambodia exceeded my expectations. I found great encouragement in seeing these emerging leaders from around the world bonding as fellow workers. One of the Cambodian hotel staff noticed the love shared among these Africans, Asians, Latin Americans and North Americans and said, “Can I please join your meetings?” Another said, “If there were more gatherings like this, there would be no wars.” Jesus did say that the world will recognize His real disciples by our love for one another.
I forgot to mention that Nicole Lorelei and our grandson Zadok are recovering nicely from Dengue Fever. It was a serious situation for Nicole. Others around her in the hospital there in Fortaleza were hemorrhaging. But God spared her and the mosquito plague seems to have passed and we are very grateful!