Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”  Many scholars believe that Jesus was referring to the Old Testament Year of Jubilee, the year that Israelites who were poor would get their lives back.  I love that.  From time to time I’ve shared with you what Navigators around the world are doing to help the poor to get their lives back.  There are beautiful things happening out there.  From time to time I have shared how our friend Michelle is getting her life back.  (Keep praying!)  These next 3 days several Navigator leaders who have a heart for this will be gathering here in Colorado.  Please pray that the same Spirit that was upon Jesus will be upon us and upon more and more Navigators with a heart for the poor.  (Isaiah 61:1-3)

Answered Prayer:  I have, in fact, been experiencing strength from God in the midst of my weakness. The Lord has been renewing my strength each evening through sitting on the deck with Renee or taking a brisk walk with her. The Missions Task Force that I was leading these last few days went very well indeed.  Although I felt dull at times, we had fun, interacted intensely, and made real progress that I belief will make a difference in our missions initiatives around the world.