Perfected in Weakness


I am ready for a vacation.  But my vacation is another 2 weeks away!  So, this morning the Lord reminded me, My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.  This morning I am reaching out to friends like you, asking that you especially pray for me these days whenever the Lord brings me to mind. 

Today I begin 3 days of intensive all-day meetings with a few African, Asia and American Navigator leaders to work out missions strategies that are no longer so centered in the US, and which we hope will reinvigorate the burning of the lost and unreached in the hearts of Navigators all over the world.  I am sure that they are tired too.  However, I am told that God often gets His best work done through people who are tired but available to Him.  Please pray that The Lord of the Harvest will fill and lead us with His strength and wisdom.

Prayer Update:   I am very pleased with the outcomes of the Orthonet Consultation.  It was very challenging.  Throughout those 4 days some participants kept whispering their doubts to me during breaks.  But the Spirit of humility and unity prevailed.  And now key Orthodox are taking fresh responsibility lead out in evangelization and discipleship in their contexts around the world.