For Starters

Starting and sustaining movements of the Gospel requires 4 contributions: pioneers, local workers, local leaders, and alongsiders.  The alongsiders help to sustain the others.  My team and I are alongsiders. 

But there would be no movements of the gospel without pioneers, those anointed by God to start movements.  This summer, (May 17-18, 27 and July 21-23) several of us will be gathering to take a closer look at how to better mobilize and care for those who start movements. 

Please pray that God will work through us, and those we serve, so that All over the world this Gospel is bearing fruit and growing.  (Colossians 1:6)

Prayer update:   I feel very encouraged from my time with my fellow leaders last week.  Our time in the Sermon on the Mount was especially rich.  As we were praying together I looked around and thought, I love their hearts.  They really know how to pray!  We experienced much grace and oneness of heart and mind as we waded into difficult issues around the movement of the Gospel.  We appointed a new key leader for a tough assignment.  We agreed on how to appoint others for other tough assignments.  I personally received priceless guidance for some of the challenges that I am facing.  I feel fresh wind under my wings.  And I am grateful for each one who prayed.