Under His Gaze

Your prayers played a crucial part.  That’s what Paul said to the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 1:11, and that¹s what I would like to say to each one who prays for us. 

Jesus and the disciples were surrounded by throngs of people responding to their ministry when Jesus turned His gaze toward His disciples and shared what we know as The Sermon on The Mount.  Tomorrow my team begins a week together, and each day we will be prayerfully considering the implications of what Jesus impressed on His key guys that day.  We will give one day to prayer and fasting for those we serve.  And the rest of the time we will dig into a series of challenges that we are facing in various countries.  These are always stretching days for me.  Please pray that each of us, especially me, will live the way that Jesus challenged His disciples to live when He turned His gaze on them. 

Answered prayer:  I felt carried along yesterday during our discussion of ministry materials.  I had not slept well, and anticipated a challenging day.  But at several points I found myself thinking: I feel really good!  The Lord is really helping us!