On The Ropes

I serve on the board of a sister organization that has been on the ropes financially.  This group pursues our Navigator calling, but does so as a development agency in very challenging contexts where others cannot go. 

Fortunately, this spring they have bounced back, and are back into the ring.  However, now we are dealing with how they ended up on the ropes in the first place.  This involves working through some difficult issues with key leaders and staff. 

Please pray (especially on May 20 and July 7-10) that God will use me like he used Timothy among the Thessalonians, to strengthen and encourage these friends as to their faith.  (1 Thessalonians 3:2)

Prayer update:  A few days ago our friend Michelle shared with us how she has had worked every day for the last two weeks.  She was rejoicing in how God has been providing in spite of other financial setbacks.  It was good to see her smiling and demonstrating faith in God¹s goodness.