In Unexpected Places


I grew up in a dead liturgical church.  So when I see robes and rituals in a church I don't naturally expect to see Life and Truth.  But, God did initially lead me to Himself through a faithful remnant of people who were following Christ in that setting.  And over the years I've found that God loves to show up in places that I don't expect to find Him.
So I should not have been surprised to find real Life and Truth among some Navigators who know Christ and are making Him known in Eastern Orthodox Churches in Ethiopia, Russia, Serbia and the United States.  And I'm seeing that we have a lot to learn from them.
Now I'm facilitating a network of Navigators who are seeking to live out our Navigator calling in those contexts.  God is doing some beautiful things there.  As we meet on September 18th please pray that God will use us for His great purposes in this unexpected Eastern Orthodox context.
Answer to Prayer:  We made good progress in our Missions Task Force meeting, although the particular work that we were doing felt tedious at times.  Several members of the team we served with in Fortaleza last month have been robbed at gunpoint over the last week or so.  But they¹ve shrugged it off as normal where they serve.