The Rest of the Story

Chaos and Violence Rack The Middle East.  This headline could have appeared anytime during the first centuries of The Church when people from various religious backgrounds were turning to Christ in a rising tide.  We read the headlines these days and groan.  The chaos and violence are frightening, and many are suffering greatly.
But there are other stories unfolding in that region that don't make the headlines: Glory stories of supernatural love and courage, and God stories of lives being transformed.
I had planned to travel into one of the more troubled countries in the region this week.  But a few days ahead of our visit our people who were born and raised there called to say that it¹s too dangerous for a visit right now.  Please pray that God will protect, strengthen and encourage our Navigator leaders in the Middle East and North Africa.
Answered Prayers:   Thanks for praying for our meeting of Navigators serving in Eastern Orthodox contexts.  I am very encouraged with the stories I heard.  One shared how hundreds of Russians gathered each day, eager to hear the Good News in their own religious context.  Another shared how a refugee from Eretria who is being trained in discipleship now has 1000 Eritrean refugees in Bible study.   Others shared their frustrations in dealing with ancient church hierarchies.  But clearly God is on the move in these unexpected places.  Keep praying!