In Labor

Newsflash: I’ve never experienced childbirth!  I’ve breathed through contractions with Renee. I’ve been there to hold the baby.  I’ve even passed out.  But I can’t say that I know what it’s like to give birth.  However, I do remember that moment when the doctor says that it’s time to PUSH.  That is sometimes called the transition phase, when the baby is about to enter a new life. 
It seems like we’ve got several friends in transition.  Two of them are reading the Bible with Renee and me.  Last week another surprised us by attending church with us.  A few days ago one of them wrote to share how he is wrestling with surrendering his life to God.  Last week one was in tears as she prayed with Renee, wrestling over her response to God.  I just have a sense that the Holy Spirit is moving things to a climax in each of these friends. 
Please pray that the Spirit will convict them of sin, righteousness and judgment, open their eyes to see, open their hearts to respond, open their minds to believe, and draw these friends to Himself.  Please labor with us like Paul labored in Galatians 4:19. 
Prayer Update:   I was amazed at how God blessed my time with the leaders of our sister organization last week.  It was one of those times you hear yourself talking and wonder where those words coming out of your mouth came from.  They were overflowing with gratitude.  I think that God used us to truly help them.  Thanks for praying me through my fears.

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