Wednesday night I’ll be walking into a situation that I find intimidating.  So I’m asking for prayer.  A large sister ministry has asked me to spend a day with their board of directors and leaders discussing how we’ve handled turbulence around our M*slim ministries. 
I tend to feel intimidated around prominent leaders.   And this is a controversial topic.  I’m confident that the Lord will help me and use me.  But I’d sure appreciate your prayer support. 
Today the Lord reminded me that I’m in good company in desperately asking God to give me the words to say.  Even the apostle Paul felt fear and trembling when he spoke to the Corinthians, and asked the Ephesians to pray that when he opened his mouth, God’s words would come out (See 1 Corinthians 2:3 & Ephesians 6:19).  Even Jesus refused to say a word unless He first received it from His Father (See John 12:49).  Thanks for praying.
Another prayer request:  Laticia continues to live back in the world of drugs.  Our Iris fellow workers are in regular contact with her.  And her baby appears to be miraculously healthy.  We haven’t seen the last chapter of her story yet.  Please continue to pray when the Lord brings her to mind.