The Grace Gap

For several years we’ve come into December facing a gap of more than $20K in our funding. Every year God has closed that gap through generous friends and partners in the Gospel.  But I’ve wondered why that gap keeps appearing.  I’ve recruited more people to join our monthly support team, and that’s gone well.  However, the expenses of our work continue to increase. 

I’m looking at that gap as our grace gap.  It’s like my experience of the Christian life.  Each year I mature by grace.  Each year I also get a clearer picture of the Life God wants me to live.  So there’s this perpetual gap between how I’m living and how I see God wants me to live.  And I see how much I continue to need God’s grace.  One of my colleagues calls that a grace gap. I think this year’s need of $25K to meet our expenses, is one of our grace gaps. 

Please join us in praying that God will, once again, meet our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ.  (Philippians 4:19)

Prayer update:  We’re still in spiritual labor with some of our friends.  But God is clearly at work.  Last week Renee asked one friend what is holding her back.  She said, I believe.  But I need to learn to trust.  Another confessed, I really want Jesus to clean out every room in my heart.  Breakthrough seems close.  Thanks for praying.