God's Firebrands


The Lord gave me the word “firebrand” to describe the missionaries that our daughter and son-in-law (Nicole Lorelei & Herb) and our son (Hudson) are equipping to send out.  A firebrand is “a person who is passionate, typically inciting change and taking radical action.”  Today, Renee and I fly out to spend a weekend helping equip 20 firebrands for the pioneering work ahead of them.  Please pray that God Himself will equip them, as He promised in Hebrews 13:20-21!
Prayer update:   I was thrilled with what I found in the last Middle Eastern country I visited last week.  The disciple who was near death is recovering.  The team there is melding together beautifully.  I met a growing community of new believers from the majority religion.  One told me how he had lost his job, his home, and his car because of his new life in Christ, but he has no regrets.  I heard about another who had killed many as a radical in his home country.  He wondered if Jesus could possibly forgive him.  Now he is overflowing with joy and sharing Christ with everyone he meets.  The headlines in heaven are different than the headlines on CNN!