This weekend I fly to another country in the region, a country where we have been waiting for decades for a breakthrough among the M*slm nationals.  It has been a long, hard road.  Just last week one of the national believers collapsed and seems near death resulting from years of physical abuse by her family.   But now it seems like a breakthrough may finally be coming, and I’m going to strengthen and encourage our workers there.  I’m fighting a cold, and feeling my inadequacy. What do I have to offer such people?  Please pray that His power would be perfected in my weakness.  (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Prayer Update: It’s a season of great harvest in the country where Alan and I are right now.  Each night we sit in my room and discuss what we are seeing. Two are truly better than one!  It’s all that our people can do to keep up with the M*slm’s who come seeking to know Christ here.  It’s easy to lose perspective in such an intense season of reaping, but last night we sat and talked with one of our key national leaders about how to ensure that amid reaping we truly fulfill our Navigator calling to advance the Gospel through spiritual generations that multiply and become a movement. As we left, he hugged me and would not let go.