IPRAY4M is the license plate of a friend of mine who serves Christ on Capitol Hill.  It’s a good response to the daily news.  In fact, I’ve resolved to pray for our leaders more than I complain about them.  It’s also a good response to the often-disturbing news flowing out of the Middle East & North Africa.  Renee and I get the privilege of seeing first-hand what God is doing in that region.  The headlines in heaven are different than those on CNN or BBC. 
The leaders of our work in that region fast and pray on or about the first day of each month.  Some of us in Colorado join them in that monthly commitment to pray.  If you would like to receive those same requests each month, please let me know at David.Lyons@Navigators.org
Prayer Update:  I'm rejoicing over the many, many specific answers to prayer that we’ve recorded here this year.  I wonder why we don’t work less and pray more?

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