Secret Believers

I just learned that in the Middle East this weekend or next about 20 M**lim Background Believers will gather for the first time.  They will come together from 5 cities scattered across their country, a place where there are very, very few believers.  I met several of these young believers in those cities about a year ago.  At that time, none of them knew one another, and the former imam who is discipling them asked us to pray that each would grow enough faith and courage to risk meeting another follower of Christ.  Their fear was rooted in reality because there are so many government informers.  One of them had been betrayed by their own pastor, who was exposed as an informer.  But apparently God answered our prayers, and these growing disciples have grown enough to not only meet another believer, but to gather as a group!  Please pray that God will continue to strengthen and encourage their faith and courage, and will begin to forge them into a foundational generation for a growing movement of the Gospel among their people. 
Prayer Update:  Over half of the money needed to close the gap in our funding has come in during the last few weeks!  That’s $15,000 out of $25,000 in cash, and over $695 a month of $1800 a month that we’re seeking.  Please continue to pray that God will supply seed for the sowers and meet our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ.

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