The Grace Gap


The longer we walk with God, the more clearly we see the gap between where we are living and where God wants us to be.  I call that the Grace Gap.  That gap keeps us humble, praying and reaching out for what only God can do.   As we enter our 60’s, Renee and I are facing another Grace Gap.  This gap has been created as some of our Ministry Funding Partners have retired or died or lost their jobs.  Recently, our anchor supporting church also cut their staff salaries and missionary support by 30%.  We are confident that God will meet our needs, but we are taking a deep breath for the next lap.  This weekend we’ll send out an appeal letter to those who pray for us.  Please pray that God will provide more seed for the sowers who help to fund our work.  (2 Corinthians 9:10)
Prayer Update:   I was rejoicing before I got out of bed on the last day of our two weeks of Navigator leader meetings.  Yes, I was happy to finish, but I was also very pleased that after two long weeks I was feeling so good.  I was encouraged with the progress that we had made, and the oneness of heart and mind that God had given to us.  Leaders have strong wills, otherwise they would not be leading.  So, I often say that when our leaders agree, you know that there must be a God is heaven!  The Father showed up and showed us what He is about to do.  Thank you for praying John 5:19-20!