The Profit


I love the bond that grows with those who sacrificially partner with us in giving and prayer.  I love how our friends grow through partnering with us.  That’s why Paul said to his Philippian friends, “I don’t seek the gift itself, but the profit which increases to your account.” 
This is a good thing, because what we do costs a lot of money.  Our expenses keep increasing, and some of our donors are retiring.  So, we need new friends to step in.  Therefore, this summer and fall I am seeking friends to help fill a gap of $50K a year for our ministry expenses.  Right now we are facing a $7K gap that must be filled by August 31. 
In addition to that, I’m praying that God will provide for our son Hudson and his new, mainly Brazilian team going to Turkey.  Also, I’m praying for two of our M*slim-background believers who are opening new ministries around the Middle East.  Please write to me if you would like to know more about Hudson and his team, or about these M*slim-background believers who need financial support.
Prayer update:  I’ve heard that our young Arab leader in the hospital is improving.  Thanks for praying.  Please continue to pray for him and the other brother. I’m praying that God will heal both enough to join us at a regional gathering in 2 weeks.