No Greater Joy


Over lunch today a friend asked what is giving me joy these days.   I immediately said, “My children.”  All of my children are giving me joy, but today I’ll mention three who are walking into new challenges with great faith and courage.  I just returned from 10 days in Fortaleza, Brazil.  Our daughter Nicole Lorelei and her husband Herb launched a ministry there six years ago.  This spring they were asked to return to the States to begin overseeing missions worldwide with their organization.  They left behind 40 missionaries they had raised there, mostly Brazilians. 
I expected to find the remaining leaders reeling from the departure of their leaders.  Instead, they are thriving and spreading into new ventures.  What a joy!  Among them is our son Hudson, who is now leading a team of Brazilians that plans to serve in Turkey long term.  Six plan to arrive on the field this fall.  Another six plan to arrive the following year, after they finish their training.  You can imagine my joy over all this.  Please rejoice with me, and pray that God will strengthen the faith and courage of our children and grandchildren. 
Prayer Update:  Every time you pray for us is a precious gift, whether it’s the kind of breath-prayer that Paul seems to have prayed constantly, or the agonizing together with us in the night kind of praying that Paul begged from his Roman friends.  Check out Romans 1:9 and 15:30 for samples of each.