Fresh Wind


Yesterday, one of our pioneer missionaries played a trumpet solo for us.  (He also happens to be a world-class jazz musician.)  At one point he leaned way forward to take a deep breath before leaning back to belt out his finale.  You could tell that he was spent after playing his heart out at 6000’ altitude. 

That’s how our team is feeling right now, after 5 full days with our Regional Directors then 3 full days with these pioneers.  Today we’re resting and taking a deep breath before giving 3 more days to the Word, prayer, reflecting on what God has just done, and wrestling with a few strategic leadership issues that we need to address.  We won’t be together like this again until November.

Please pray for fresh wind, as was promised in Isaiah 40:29-31.  “He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power…. They will mount up with wings like eagles.”

Prayer Update:   During our Pioneering Forum it was deeply encouraging to see how the Gospel is growing among succeeding generations of Hindus and Muslims following Christ in Asia and Africa.  And encouragement was needed for others who are working very hard ground.  We were particularly encouraged by this closing charge from Mutua, our International President quoting David Livingstone, “God forbid that we should ever regard our mission from the King of Kings as a sacrifice while other men regard the call to sacrifice in behalf of earthly monarchs as a privilege.” 

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