One of the most intense encounters in professional sports is the rugby scrum, where each team gathers shoulder to shoulder with heads down to wrestle with the other team for possession of the ball.  It looks like a group wrestling match. 
This weekend, August 29 – 31, we will engage in a three-day “scrum” with young Navigator pioneers from all over the world coming together to wrestle with key issues they are facing on the frontiers of the movement of the Gospel into the nations. 

Please pray for these rugged missionaries who go into the hardest places.  Pray that they will bond deeply, learn deeply, and be given real encouragement and progress by the Living and Holy Spirit of Jesus.
Prayer updated:  We’re receiving encouraging texts from Hudson in the Middle East.  They are among refugees where there are no Christians and no missionaries.  He says, “I love it here!  I love it SO MUCH!”