School of Missions

There is no greater joy than to see one’s children walking in the truth, as all of our children are doing. So, you can imagine how I feel about joining our daughter Nicole Lorelei, her husband Herb, and our son Hudson in Fortaleza, Brazil for 10 days, to help them in training 36 apprentice missionaries from Brazil, Germany, Australia, Britain and Canada for their Iris School of Missions.
These young aspiring missionaries have sacrificed to come together for 3 months of training.  Some have sold their computers and phones. Others have worked extra jobs, and sold baked goods on the street and did whatever it took to be able to come. (You can get a glimpse of what God is doing at
Please pray for them and for me as I get the extraordinary privilege of entrusting to these new fellow workers some of what God has entrusted to me.  (2 Timothy 2:2!)  Please also pray for health as I am recovering from a cold as I leave today.  And please pray that God will put His words on my lips for 6 messages and daily life-on-life time.  I feel desperate for God’s blessing.
Answered Prayer:  There have been many times during these last 10 days when Renee and I and our fellow workers have looked at one another and said, “This is good!” Our new team is feeling God’s pleasure and blessing, even in the midst of immediately facing some intense challenges in the field.  And everyone agrees that the gathering of our extended missional community at NavWorld was our largest and most fruitful in years. Many prayed. God blessed. We are grateful.