Extended Missional Community

Romans 16 is an intriguing glimpse of the extended missional community that God gathered around the Apostle Paul. There he names over 30 of his fellow workers in Rome.  He had never been in Rome but he was not shy about addressing them as beloved friends.
Occasionally we bring together some of the extended missional community that God has gathered around our team, in a conference that we call NavWorld.  This year we gather in the historic Great Hall of Glen Eyrie today through April 19. The presidents of CRU and Youth for Christ will also join us for commissioning our new international president.  Please pray that God will weave this special extended missional community together as beloved friends.

Prayer Update:  Thank you for praying for our team as we begin a new chapter of our life and work together. I see a new anointing on Mutua as he’s leading us. Several of us have said to one another during breaks through the week, “This feels really good”. And that’s in the midst of some very stretching challenges that we are facing. We will continue meeting next week. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.