Today I have a number of things to do that seem both urgent and important.  But I sense that mobilizing prayer is more urgent and important than anything else on my plate.  So, I am writing to you.
Our team will spend the first week of February together addressing strategic needs in our worldwide partnership.  As I look at our agenda the need for good leader transitions stands out to me.  We have several national and international leaders who are stepping down, and we will help to select those to whom they will pass the baton of leadership.  We’ve all seen plenty of leader transitions that have not gone well.  In fact, we’ll be studying some of those that followed King David.  
Please pray that God will grow the next generation of leaders who will guard, through the Holy Spirit who lives in them, the treasure that has been entrusted to us.  (2 Timothy 2:14)
Answers to prayer:  I was particularly encouraged through our Global Enterprise Network meetings in Chicago. I was inspired to see a broken and violent community on the west side of Chicago being genuinely transformed through our Breaking Ground missional enterprise there.  Honestly, before going, I was questioning whether I was needed there.  But practically every day God led me into significant conversations that seemed to make a big difference.  Thank you for praying!