Taking Care of Business

Business leaders know that it’s hard to make money.  It’s even harder to make money and make disciples.  It’s exponentially harder to add making a difference in the community. 

  • Making money. 
  • Making disciples. 
  • Making a difference. 

That’s the triple bottom line embraced by the nearly 200 enterprises in 30 countries that have been started by Navigators for the sake of the Gospel. 

Several years ago we launched a Global Enterprise Network as a learning community to help the leaders of these enterprises to succeed against all three of those bottom lines.  These enterprises vary: teaching English, exporting products, building low income housing, servicing computers, changing oil, selling groceries, and even selling fast food chicken.  Each was started for the sake of the Gospel.  A few years ago I turned over the leadership of that network to a very capable team. 

This week that team will spend a week together in Chicago, and I get to join them.  Please pray that God will pour out wisdom from above on these extraordinary men and women who are leading missional enterprises around the world. 

Look at what God is doing in answer to our prayers:

·       One friend who is studying the Bible with us recently said, “I believe in Jesus.  I just need to learn to trust Him.”  She keeps moving closer!  Another took a job in a town 2 hours away, but said emphatically that he wants to travel back to continue in the Scriptures with us. 

·       God provided all of the $25K that we were seeking last month, and a little more!  I confess that I was worried when we were only half way there with a couple of days to go.