Supernatural Love, Radical Sacrifice


It must be frustrating to be Satan.  He keeps doing his mischief, and God keeps building His kingdom anyway.  The headlines blare news of ISIS, Ukraine, Iran, Ebola, and Boko Haram.  But I think that the headlines in heaven are celebrating the next generation of missionaries.
Today I am writing to ask you to pray for an initiative to equip next generation missionaries: Iris Global Missions School Fortaleza: Supernatural Love.  Radical Sacrifice.  This will be led by our son-in-law Herb with our daughter Nicole Lorelei and others, including our son Hudson.  And I’ve been invited to go and help.  Please take a peek with this 3-minute video:
And if you know someone in his or her twenties who aspires to live in supernatural love and radical sacrifice, send this to them too.

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