Final Lap

I am entering the final 10 days of 5 weeks of ministry in the Middle East and North Africa.  These will be the most intense and demanding days. I’ll be constantly working through a translator as I am serving Arab leaders of Gospel movements in various parts of this country. I just arrived and received my assignments to preach and teach and coach.  Paul said that we are to be ready in season and out of season! Tonight I’ve already experienced God showing up and doing what I could never do. Please pray that will continue.

Prayer Update: This trip has been full of blessing and challenge.  It seems like God has used us to encourage and strengthen many of our fellow workers here. In the midst of that Renee walked through a glass door on 9/26, and we both suffered some painful cuts. But God also protected us from what could have been much worse. We also got sick together, briefly. Renee flew home today, as planned, and I am pressing on.