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My Daily Examen is based on an ancient tradition created by the Jesuits 500 years ago.  I use it to jump-start my spiritual awareness and reflection first thing in the morning.  I also use an abbreviated version at the close of my day, to lead me into being filled with the Spirit as I go to sleep.


My Divine Hours is based on another ancient tradition, this one created by the Benedictines several hundred years ago.  I created my own version after reading The Attentive Life by Leighton Ford.  These brief reminders that I’ve installed as reminders on my phone jab me awake spiritually every few hours as I go through the day.


My Prayer is a spiritual warfare prayer that I began regularly praying for those I love years ago. 
At that time, I prayed this daily, and that marked a major turning point in our family.  Now I pray it weekly.  It’s pretty intense and takes 15 minutes.  The main impact is on me.  I compare it to a chiropractic adjustment for my soul.