Come Upon

Come Upon Ignite.jpg

According to Acts 1:8, when the Holy Spirit comes upon His people, they become His witnesses where they are (e.g. Jerusalem & Judea), where they are uncomfortable (e.g. Samaria), and to the ends of the earth.  Today, 140 Navigator leaders are gathering from around the world in the Middle East, seeking to rebuild a missions culture and nimble collaboration in sending to the ends of the earth.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will once again come upon us as He did in Acts 1:8.

Prayer Update:  Our Pioneering Forum was intense.  It was hard work.  There were tensions at times.  However, in the end, God gave us extraordinary harmony.  I said to a friend this morning that I think we may have just turned a corner and we’re about to get some new traction helping our pioneers to flourish on the frontiers.  Now to get more pioneers out there!