Come Away

Come Away.png

If your output exceeds your input, your upkeep will be your downfall.  Our team travels a lot and works hard.  It’s a challenge to maintain our relationships and receive the refreshment that we need in the midst of all our travel.  We need to come away to rest and be together, so we don’t come apart!  So, please pray that the Lord will refresh our team as we go away to the mountains together for a few days next week.  Also, pray that God will refresh Renee and me as we get away as a couple these next 3 days before that team retreat.  (Mark 6:31).

Update:  Renee and I and many others were inspired and shaken (in a good way!) by the Navigators Neighbors Training Initiative in Denver.  Now we are wrestling deeply with how God is leading us in our own local ministry, and what insights we need to convey across our Worldwide Partnership. 

Prayer: Please continue to pray that God will provide a “Mary Poppins” for Ceci and her girls.  Several are conveying this need through their relational networks.  Ultimately, it is the Lord who sends His servants to do His work, but He told us in Luke 10:2 to pray that He would do so!