Resettling Japan

Resettling Japan.jpg

The Japanese have been shaken by physical, financial and generational earthquakes, but they have generally remained steadfast in resisting the Good News of Jesus and His kingdom.  Decades ago God promised Renee and me through Isaiah 54:1-3 that He would send our spiritual and physical descendants to dispossess nations and resettle desolate cities with the Kingdom of God.  He’s been faithfully fulfilling that promise year after year.  For example, eight years ago, He sent our daughter Nicole Lorelei and her family to “dispossess” a slum in Fortaleza Brazil, and now He’s sending them to Japan.  This week Renee and I will visit them in California as they prepare to go next year.  Please pray that He will once again fulfill Isaiah 54:1-3 through Herb & Nicole Lorelei.

Prayer Update:  The intercessors gathering that Renee attended was truly a breakthrough experience, more than I can explain here.  She described it as perhaps the most significant experience of her Christian life.  Ask her about it sometime!

David Lyons